So not so long ago I decided to retire as a professional photographer, for whatever reason my love of pushing my shutter button just disappeared, my creative photography juices were empty.
Seventeen years of taking pretty pictures and telling visual stories with my beloved Canon cameras was no more; I announced on my socials that I am no longer taking photographs apart from with my iPhone which I still love to do.  
Then something bizarre happened last week, not sure what it was, but it was a state of euphoria - the feeling was fantastic, the feeling I had way back in 2001 when I decided to take my photography a little more serious. I did have a few conversations with friends and what not; maybe their honest opinions kicked something off in my semantic memory brain, one thing you can rely on is true friends telling the truth, honesty is indeed the best policy.
Now what? Before you ask, I won’t be photographing anything I don’t want too; I’m focused on things I like not what I need to do because it’s a full-time job - I’ve already got one of them.
If I can spend a few hours on the weekends taking great images putting a smile on my face and the people involved then all good, no pressure, no stress just having fun doing the thing I love to do taking a pretty pic with my Canon.
I do have a few ideas on what I want to shoot, feel free to send me a message if you have an idea or if you want to collaborate with me.

Glad to be back.

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