Social media has taken a battering recently, what with all the controversy with Facebook and the issues around data capture and their ongoing algorithm changes.
Fear not, here are five reasons why social media is right for you both for business and in your personal life.

1 Staying in touch with friends and colleagues wherever you are in the world.
Whether you use Facebook to post happy birthday to a family member who has emigrated to somewhere warmer than the UK or if you use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to send a pic to your best friend while on holiday? Keeping in touch with people and saying hello every now and again can’t be a bad thing.
(Tip for you, why not start a messenger group for family, friends or even your work buddies, I find WhatsApp works best for me, but you can set up private/secret groups in Facebook and FB messenger which will work just as well.)
2 I can’t find the answer I need - wanna bet, just ask.
Google is your friend, but the rest can help too. I had an issue with a water leak from a tiny pipe on the back window of my car, I posted the question in an Audi Facebook group, and within an hour I knew precisely what the issue was and how to solve it without taking it to the garage. I probably saved over £100, good for the pocket and a feather in the cap by fixing the problem myself.
3 Social media is the comedy king.
Over the years things have changed, thankfully for the better. Most platforms are now pretty strict on content that ordinary people find offensive, nobody likes to laugh at somebody else’s displeasure. If you’re anything like me, an hour here and there watching your favourite comedian takes the stresses and strains of the day away. Youtube and Facebook are full of videos and fan pages of your favourites. Instagram has zillions of short videos from vloggers who are comedy geniuses when it comes to filming sketches about everyday life.
4 Healthy body, healthy mind.
So you want to get fit, or maybe you want to lose a few pounds?
Five years ago we would have bought the latest fitness magazines for tips and ideas; those same magazines are now posting daily online advice to all platforms. Not only the magazines but male and female fitness and wellbeing experts are doing the same; you can find absolutely anything you want to improve your healthy lifestyle. I find Youtube the best option but check out Pinterest, surprisingly full of tips and advice.
5 Social media is right for your business
If you’re looking for brand awareness, social media is your number one tool to let people know what your company is about or what you’re currently advertising. There is a misconception that you need a huge budget to make it work, believe me; you don’t, there are so many different options for you. If you want an advert which generates traffic back to your website or more views on your latest brand video, social media can do this. Facebook is the current king but it’s worth testing Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Instagram as all will produce different results depending on your objectives. Pinterest and Snapchat are both stepping up their advertising game with innovative ways to advertise.
The great thing about social media, your business can target accordingly and track analytics either through Google or the CMS platform you use.

One thing I will mention, don’t spend your entire life sat looking at your phone or staring endlessly at your screen. While social media is not all bad, getting out in the fresh air and spending time with your friends and family is a way better option in my opinion.
Thanks for reading.
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