Taking a few minutes away from the noise and chaos of your office is a good thing. I know first hand how sitting at your desk for over 8 hours a day can affect your mental health, you need time away, you need breaks, and you need a solid hour break at lunchtime.
People who don't take breaks I find are temperamental, erratic and sometimes a little aggressive when asked something, they don't mean it, but they are so focused with what they're doing everything else around them seems to be an annoyance.
I take regular breaks away from my desk, I'm lucky my office is quiet anyway, but time away from the screen is a must for me.
On the weekends I've found a new and enjoyable way to experience peace and quiet, floating along the river in a boat, sounds weird but 4 or 5 hours travelling from Bristol to Bath along the River Avon is incredible, a complete mind refresh and enjoyed with my family - just perfect.
Peace and quiet is good for you, both physically and mentally. Studies have shown that taking time for calm can have a positive effect on your body and in some cases can even lower blood pressure and reduce the heart rate.
It is difficult to experience real quiet, but I'm sure somewhere in your day you can find that space where you switch off.
Let me know if you have a quiet time during the day, let me know how you manage it and if it is possible. Or are you the person who sits at their desk all day without moving?
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