Before writing this blog I had so many ideas of what was going to be in it, good, bad and the ugly. But after a good think, I decided let's just run with it as I'm typing away sat in the gym restaurant eating a kit-kat the only bloody chocolate they sell.
This Sunday, December 16th I hit the half-century, 5 decades in other words 50 years old. It's definitely the strangest birthday I've had yet, it feels different, surreal in a weird way. I am going to celebrate with a party on Saturday night, hopefully, everyone invited will show especially friends I've known for a very long time, quite a few over 30 years and a few over 45 years, which is insane when you think about.
So what have I done for the last 50 years?
I was born in Southmead hospital, early part was spent living in Avonmouth and then due to all sorts of circumstances we as a family moved around quite a bit. I lived in Liverpool for a while, which was brilliant fun, scousers are great people, so much so I had my stag weekend there. Oh yeh! I got married to a lovely person at one point in my life and then I got divorced. Divorce is a fucker especially when it didn't need to happen, sad but true, 
it was a complete ball's up.
That one question that everyone asks, what age would you like to be again?
There's only one answer, 25 that was a great time in my life, playing rugby, enjoying life and having a cracking time with mates. Life was good until I messed my neck up and that was the end of my rugby days, I was 27.
Six months later I was able to work again and met my future wifey (see above)
Speaking to someone recently and it dawned on me we lived through the '80s, 90's and noughties eras. The kids today probably won't see anything like what we saw or did back in the day, as I mentioned, it was good, bad and crazy - those times were history making.
Any regrets? Fuck yeh, way too many. I hear people all the time say, "I don't have any regrets." No friggin way, all I can say you haven't lived, I could list 10 or 20 different things I regret and would have done differently which may have shaped my life completely differently. But that's life, it's just the way it is, sometimes you can change things but sometimes you can't.
So what next? 
Life is here and gone in a blink of an eye, I'm going to enjoy it with my family and my friends. More travel, more craziness, more work, do as much as possible. That old saying, work hard and play hard is spot on.
I've finished my kit kat now so I'm going to end it here before it gets way too deep.
If you're coming to the party on Saturday, remember to buy me a drink and make sure you have a good time, I know I will.
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