Are you using Instagram Stories yet?
If you're not, you should be. Like most things on social media especially if its a new feature most of us say, "I'll try it" but then never continue with it.
I was in two minds when IG Stories first appeared in 2016 but seeing as my job involves social media - I needed to try it.
There is a clue in the name 'Stories' - it's like an online daily diary that will disappear in 24 hours. A good example when to post a story, you're pushing a brand new product, start from the unboxing all the way through to the unveiling. People love new things. There are so many excellent ways to use the feature, start using it and have some fun.
Over the coming weeks, I'll post a list of ideas which may help you with your daily IG Story posts.
*Tip* Include a hashtag you will see a lot more reach.
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