I've passed it on numerous drunk occasions, and I've taken a great picture of the place from the outside, which rocks by the way. So on Saturday afternoon, I decided to check the place out finally - say hello to the Hubbox on Whiteladies Road.
A friend of mine did say, "the menu looks naughty." It was.
I didn't want to stuff my face fully as a Thai meal was planned in the evening with the family. The menu looked amazing, after 10 minutes checking it out I went for the chilli nachos and a pint of Fanta, yes Fanta!
The staff were super polite and helpful. The decor is damn cool, with both booths and tables to sit at, one thing I can't get my head around is how they managed to get a 20ft storage container into the building - I'll ask next time.
The food arrived, and I wasn't disappointed, my chilli nachos were pretty amazing, the portion could have been a little bigger, but I am a greedy bugger. The taste was perfect not overly spicy, but it did have a kick, nachos were good quality and not burnt at the bottom of the dish, very very enjoyable.
The food came in a tin old school dish, very neat and easy to clean I would imagine.
I'm so disappointed in myself, I usually take a pic of everything, this time I didn't, and I apologise for that - maybe I was enjoying the food to much? 
Camera at the ready on my second visit which will probably be in the evening rather than the day so I can stuff my face senseless and a beer or 5 from their impressive drinks menu.
Well worth a visit day or night.
Awesomeness score 8/10
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