I can't complain about my office. It has a kitchen with a kettle, a loo and a garden which needs a little bit of green-fingered love.
Facebook then sends me a link to their new headquarters in Menlo Park, California, I nearly fell off my worn out office chair. 
It's big, bright and genuinely an office I would love to work from, and it's in California my fave place on the planet.
Here are a few features you might just like:
Rooftop garden 3.6 acres
200 trees
Half-mile meandering pathway
A town square
Amphitheatre style courtyard
Open workspace inside
Five unique dining options
15 art installations
2000 person event and meeting space
If Facebook ever needs a Brit willing to relocate to the USA, please give me a call, your building is fantastic.​​​​​​​
Check out the incredible images and video below.
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