How many times have you heard this question when out on a photo shoot?
Some random waltzes up and asks that dreaded question, for me I give a polite giggle like a 12-year-old girl and say sorry mate, normally this does the trick unless they’re pissed.
Unfortunately I have something to own up too, I asked that same question at my summer party a couple of days ago, I was pushed into it - honest 😉 I didn’t want to do it but I did and yes I was a little drunk and made out I never held a big bulky camera in my entire life, and got all excited like some weird bloke in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts, I can honestly say it was the first thing I remembered when I woke up on Saturday morning and I immediately punched myself in the face for being a knob.
The young event photographer who was there photographing our party seemed to be enjoying himself and I expect the pics to be awesome but I did feel like giving him a few pointers - I think it was just me being a knob.
Do’s and Don't's of photographing office parties
Don’t let anyone touch your camera no matter what they say
Stay sober, a drunk photographer normally means carnage with the pictures
Never leave your camera on a seat or table - somebody with a big fat ass will sit on it or the office drunk will knock it off the table or spill his pint all over it
Flirt with the office hottie - you’re guaranteed good pics even if the rest are shit
Shoot in manual mode, show that off to the office hottie and mention that only pro’s shoot in manual - she may want to marry you
Go wide, I’ve got my own style so for me I use a fisheye, you need to be close but you will get creative and fun wacky images
Use your flash - so many different variances on how you can shoot each event. For me, super slow shutter speed is my thing which normally leaves a light blur and the colours are more vibrant in my opinion. Test a few early on and see which suits you best
It’s all about angles, shoot low when possible, maybe tilt the camera a little, shoot high - you’ll never know unless you try
Relax and have some fun with the party people, the more you come across as relaxed the more they will want their pictures taken
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