(Original Blog posted on March 12th 2011)
When I woke up on Friday morning and switched the TV on I was shocked at what I saw on Sky news - a massive earthquake and Tsunami had hit Japan, and the prospect of high casualties was inevitable.
This brought back memories of my experience way back in 1992 when I was in LA with my ex-girlfriend Sarah. The funny thing about this story is that the LA riots had just kicked off and we were advised not to go but being young and stupid we did!
People were still being dragged out of cars for being the wrong colour, and two pasty white Brits in their late teens probably stood out a mile.
Anyway, onto the earthquake bit, I remember it was around 5 am and I was led in bed when suddenly the whole room started to shake, I thought this couldn’t be right and gave the bird a nudge, at this point I think she was awake but was too scared to move. I dived out of bed went to the window and saw the swimming pool had waves, car horns and alarms were going off and screaming Americans running all over the shop - within 30 seconds it was all over.
To me, it was a weird but fantastic experience and something which I will always remember, the magnitude of the quake was 7.3, and everyone was recommended to stay in but not us. As soon as we were dressed we headed out into probably the quietest LA has ever been - roads were split wide open, and people were nowhere to be seen - very spooky and surreal for sure.
But looking at the devastation in Japan my little experience was nothing in comparison - so to all the people in Japan and to those affected by what has happened STAY STRONG…
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