We are living in a sometimes over the top pc world, do something slightly different to what somebody else won't like, and the wrath of the pc brigade will hit you hard...probably not that hard but maybe enough to bring a smile to your stubborn face and for you to repeat it.
Let's look at five things we should never do at work. I'm sure most of us have experienced somethings similar.
It's a little tongue in cheek so try not to take it too seriously.
Wear shorts so tight your colleagues can see what you had for breakfast.
Thankfully I'm not a fan of tight shorts, so nobody complained, I have seen a male colleague wear tight shorts though, nobody complained, but the office was full of banter for the entire day, needless to say, we never saw the shorts again - thank god.
What should I have for lunch thief?
Now, this one hit me hard so hard I was determined to find the culprit - stealing your colleague's lunch is a massive no-no!
This has happened to me a few times, and to people, I've worked with.
I spend 30mins preparing my gourmet lunch of cheese and pickle sandwiches, a penguin and a handful of grapes only to find the phantom food thief had struck again, my lunchbox was empty, my glorious contents gone - I cried inside but on the outside I was madder than a box of frogs, that's pretty mad. I never did find out who did it. All I can see in my mind is the person chamming down on my chocolate bar with a massive chocolatey smile on their face - I still have nightmares now.
Mr or Mrs spread your germs all over the office.
"For god sake go see a doctor," that's what I wanted to say but in reality it was, "are feeling OK?"
Every office has a person who is continually sneezing, coughing or generally complaining they're ill all of the time. Sometimes they need to be told, but we're all a little scared to say anything until the snot hits the screen so to speak - keep your germs at home.
You get so drunk on a works Christmas lunchtime drink they call you a taxi to get home.
A friend told me about this one. The person was a senior member of the department. It wasn't me honest.😳
So it goes like this, it was two days before we split up for Christmas, the team decided to have a lunchtime beer at our local watering hole. 
Crazily somebody mentioned a drinking record that has stood for a longtime. Are 8 pints of lager possible in an hour?
All I can say is yes it is, but expect two or three days of one almighty hangover. To confirm it wasn't me, honest.😏
Walking around the office barefoot.
Just no, no please no.
There is something about feet. I don't like people touching mine, and I don't like the look of feet and I friggin detest people strutting their stuff barefoot in an office environment - I think I might have some sort of foot fetish.
Can you imagine the germs? 
Don't do it, keep your piggy little toes covered up and when you get home, wash your filthy soles, as sitting in a meeting with your germ-ridden trotters staring directly at my face makes me feel physically sick. Just saying. 🤢
Have you experienced any of the above? 
Or do you have a list of things that you could add to the list?
If you have, please post a comment and let everyone know.
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